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The most uncensored conversations to ever come out of the much-censored country of Singapore. Hosted by Haresh & Terence from the YouTube Channel Ministry of Funny.


Clubs and clubbers held 'farewell' parties ahead of stricter Covid-19 measures and got slammed by the public (and a Minister and at least 1 doctor). So should people socialize at all if Singapore isn’t in lockdown? And can business be blamed for wanting to squeeze out some revenue? Amidst the current pandemic, the world also needs to brace itself for a condom shortage ‘cos of manufacturing plants closing down. Especially in Malaysia, who produce 1 out of every 5 condoms in the world. Whaaaaaaaaat.

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Drawful 2, the epic game

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK 

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The New York Times wrote about civil rights plummeting worldwide as govts mine info to curb Covid-19. But does privacy even matter now? And Malaysia’s world-infamous Bomoh (a traditional shaman / mystic healer) is back with his shenanigans. But could there be something positive about it?

Our #YLB Subreddithttps://www.reddit.com/r/YahLahBut/ 

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lo-fi LHL beats to keep calm/fight covid-19 to

If Covid-19 was an anime (by Bro, don't like that la, bro)

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Melissa Chen, a SG-born activist in the US famous for helping Amos Yee get asylum, faced backlash this week for using a picture of a local wet market in an article about Chinese wet markets. Why? In another picture that pissed off a bunch of people, a parody Facebook page called “NUS Atheist Society” posted a pic of a Quran next to a Bible with the caption “For use during toilet paper shortages". And now they’re being investigated by the police. But is that fair?

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JoJo Rabbit - Official Trailer

Kingdom Season 2 - Trailer

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Malaysia going into lockdown is the latest development in a week that saw Covid-19 become the most global event in recent times (besides the World Cup or the Olympics). So...toilet paper? Self-quarantine? Social distancing? And what the hell is herd immunity? We talk through all these along with our own thoughts and worries, so hopefully it’ll be as cathartic for you as it was for us. ‘Cos sometimes you just gotta vent, right? So enjoy!

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Put Your PC To Work Fighting Against Coronavirus


Behind-the-scenes video showing the frontline efforts of hospital staff treating Covid-19 patients



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Jonathan Mok, an SG student in London, went viral around the world after he posted images of his punched-up eye after being jumped by a group of strangers in a coronavirus-related racist attack. And his is just one of many hate-attacks around the world. WTF is up with attacks like this? 'Cos they suck big time. On the flip side, everyone has seen at least one Covid-19 meme. With serious incidents happening daily, is it too soon to poke fun at the disease?

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You can now own bigger dogs that fall under this criteria in your HDB flat


Ryan Gosling Won't Give Me A Soundcheck (Kevin James' YouTube Channel)


I TURN AIRPODS into 18K AIRGOLDS (Pablo Cimadevila's YouTube Channel)




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Step aside Coronavirus, Malaysia has bigger shit to deal with - their government. What a week it’s been for our neighbours and we TRY to understand and explain what happened. But we can only not talk about the virus for so long, so we share our totally non-expert thoughts on how it’s impacted our lives and what the future looks like for Covid-19, the asshole.

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Narcos: Mexico Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix


S’porean couple duped S$723 for fake Liverpool match tickets, club supporters crowdfund money for real ones




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A 25-min audio clip of Minister Chan Chun Sing spewing Singlish and scolding the “idiotic” hoarders of Singapore leaked online. Some people loved it, some didn’t. But did he go too far? Or is he “the Ah Beng” we deserve? Elsewhere, XiaXue ripped into the media for glorifying obesity. Does she have a point or is the Queen of Controversy at it again? Joining us is the ever-eloquent Munah Bagharib, who is also one of the stars of our recent TV show “She’s a Terrorist and I Love Her”.

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Munah: Lost Cinema 20/20 by Brian Gothong Tan


Terence: "She's a Terrorist and I Love her" appearing on LCD screens around Singapore

https://www.instagram.com/ministryoffunny (check out our Instastory archives)

Haresh: Larry Tesler - Computer scientist behind cut, copy and paste dies aged 74


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"She loves parrots" was one of the reasons given by friends of the Chinese bride. Weird reason aside, is this yet another case of "cultural appropriation" or are netizens being "too sensitive" again? We dive into this with the husky-voiced Noah Yap, one of the stars of our recent TV show.

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Terence: Eminem's performance during the recent Oscars 


Haresh: Bong Jung-Ho kicks ass at the Oscars with his film Parasite


Noah: Noah's accident in Japan that he has recovered well from 

https://www.zaobao.com.sg/zentertainment/celebs/story20200211-1027948 (in Chinese tho)



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Come April 2020, ALL motorised PMDs will be banned from footpaths (even hoverboards *gasp*) and users might even need to take theory tests! But are people as triggered or have we all moved on from anything PMD-related? On the other side of the world, Shakira and J Lo rocked the Superbowl Halftime show but people questioned the need for all the gyrating, crotch-grabbing, pole dancing and grinding (of people). We share our thoughts along with those of Caitanya Tan, our guest for this week (she’s also the co-star of our TV series so show some love).

Our "One Shiok Things" for this week!

Terence: 'The kampung spirit is still alive': Punggol residents step up amid coronavirus outbreak




Caitanya: Her 31 days of being Vegan in January




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On 1 Feb, Singapore became yet another country that imposed travel restrictions because of the Corona virus BUT became the FIRST in the world to ban anyone with a Chinese passport. But is it a xenophobic policy? In other news, the Singapore Sports School soccer team  beat Assumption Pathway 32-0 in a B Division match, and the internet was divided. But are we?

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Dinosaurs in Love


Roger Federer earns respect for never quitting



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